Player Ratings (vs. Hamilton)

vs. Hamilton Accies

Man of the Match
11)  Michael McGowan out of 10
Not just for his goal, McGowan was a danger on the left hand side all game and provided some good deliveries into the box. Gareth Wardlaw could well be be man to capitalise...

1) Kevin Cuthbert
Will cop the blame from some for the goals but in truth there was little he could do with either under extreme Hamilton pressure.  Otherwise dealt with what little he had to do comfortably.

2) John Robertson 6
Culpable perhaps for the two goals but provides some much needed experience on the right, including going forward.

3) Eddie Malone 7
Effort typified by the offside goal which saw him stretchered off.

4) Chris Smith 6
Relatively error-free performance

5) Martyn Campbell 6
Mostly untroubled in open play, increasingly a threat in the opposition's box.

6) Andy Geggan 7
Great effort in the middle of the park. Needs more help than he's getting.

7) Alan Trouten 5
Poor game following two assists and a goal versus East Stirling. Failed to get involved and looked lost out on the right. Should have done better with chance at the end.

8) Alex Burke 4
If there was a physical presence or an obvious tactical influence, then maybe. But I fail to see what Burke is offering us. Not even 60 minutes at the moment. Less wasteful in possession than against East Stirling but continues to disappoint.

9) Michael Moffat 6
You suspect the Moff needs a goal as he adjusts to First Division football, having albums named after him and mixing with naked painted ladies. Worked hard as always but won't be able to beat defences on his own.

10) Mark Roberts 6
Some neat touches as we've come to expect but do we need more from the skipper?

12) Gareth Wardlaw (on for Roberts, 64 mins) 3
Perhaps a little too much remonstrating and not enough hitting the target. Gave us a useful option up-front.

14) Jamie McKernon (on for Burke, 52 mins) 4 
Tidy enough but he just a lad.  Ross Robertson would surely be a better option?

15) Gareth Armstrong (on for Malone, 67 mins) 3
Got his chance on merit according to Reid. Might look unconvincing but never wasted a pass.

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