Player Ratings (vs. Falkirk)

Man of the Match
6)  Andy Geggan 7 out of 10
The type of midfielder you could easily miss I suppose, but Geggan puts in a power of work in midfield and is a real box-to-box player with an eye for getting forward to support the front line. Ayr United's Steven Gerrard?

1) Kevin Cuthbert 7 
Hugely busy afternoon for the keeper, frantic at times. Coped well under pressure but could have perhaps done better at the second Falkirk goal when faced with a one-on-one.

2) John Robertson 7
Really shaky start saw him give the ball away a number of times but recovered to set up Wardlaw's goal and marshall the back line following Campbell sending off.
3) Eddie Malone 7
A steady game from Eddie on his return and a fine free-kick.
4) Chris Smith 6
Again looked a little nervous at the back.
5) Martyn Campbell 5
Came up against a tough competitor in Farid El Allegui and came off second best, legitimately or otherwise. Lucky he won't face too many like the 'clever' Moroccan this season.

7) Micheal Moffat 7
Puts a shift in the wide midfield position but positionally and defensively not ideal.  Would be better deployed upfront alongside Wardlaw.
8) Jamie McKernon 7
The more I see of the this lad the more I like him.  Very tidy in possession, picking the ball up from the back four and uses it well.  Forming a good partnership with Geggan.
9) Gareth Wardlaw 7
Has come back to Ayr a much better player.  Will still miss chances but has the experience to work defences and cause trouble. Probably got the better of a tough opponent in Darren Dods and took his goal well.
10) Mark Roberts 6
I think Marko might be 'undropable' as far as Brian Reid is concerned but at times its almost like playing a man down, I'm sorry to say. May play a more valuable role as a substitute when games are calling out for a bit of composure or a goal out of nothing.  Didn't have the legs to keep up with a youthful Falkirk side.

11) Michael McGowan 7
Another great performance from the winger, Ayr's main threat going forward. Can go inside or out and has decent delivery into the box as well as a goal threat.  Great acquisition by Brian Reid.

14) Gareth Armstrong (on for Wardlaw, 86 mins) 3
Slotted in at right-back as Ayr switched back to four in defence as Falkirk pressed forward in search of winger.

15) Ross Robertson (on for Roberts, 76 mins) 3
Took one for the team when he picked up a yellow to prevent a dangerous looking Falkirk break.

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