Player Ratings (vs. Dundee)

Man of the Match
9) Gareth Wardlaw 7 out of 10
Could have been one of a number of players but I've gone for Wardlaw. Mostly ploughed a lone furrow up front but worked the Dundee defence all the time he was on and was the focal point for Ayr's attacking endeavour.  Last time in this division too many defences got an easy ride from Ayr United but Wardlaw won't allow that to happen.

1) Kevin Cuthbert 
Came close to turning over McCluskey's shot that led to Dundee's equaliser and earned some luck later on in the game as McIntosh's shot cannoned off the crossbar.  Commanded his box well and brought assurance to United's defensive display.

2) Gareth Armstong 5
Tormented at times by Dundee's left winger (albeit Moffat didn't give him too much support in front) but stuck to his task well and grew into the game, getting forward at times in the second-half. Comfortable in possession - still haven't seen the lad misplace a pass - but maybe lacking in pace to deal with real speed merchants.
3) Chris Smith 5
Was nervy at times and seems more comfortable at centre-back.  Positioning out at times and could he have been closer to McCluskey for the shot that saw Dundee equalise.
4) John Robertson 6
Didn't have have a great deal to do but was his consummate self. Helped Armstrong through the game and played the ball out of defence neatly.
5) Martyn Campbell 6
Mostly untroubled in open play, increasingly a threat in the opposition's box is what I said last week and the same applies.
6) Andy Geggan 7
Didn't allow the Dundee midfield to setting into the game at all.

7) Alan Trouten 
Groin injury meant his game lasted just 6 minutes.
8) Jamie McKernan 6
I'll admit I wasn't convinced in the worth of Reid bringing in another untested SPL youngster but but in a composed and tidy performance.
10) Mark Roberts 5
A quiet game for the skipper, playing more of a deeper role behind Wardlaw.  At times clearly lacked the legs to get up to support or get beyond the Dundee defence. Is Moffat the better option alongside Wardlaw?

11)  Michael McGowan 7 
Last week I said "provided some good deliveries into the box. Gareth Wardlaw could well be be man to capitalise" and I was almost right.  Produced an inch perfect cross on to the head of Moffat for the opener and in the second-half went by Dundee left-back Matt Lockwood a number of times.  

12) Michael Moffat (on for Trouten, 7 mins) 6
Deployed in a wide midfield role, he worked hard as always and linked well with Wardlaw at times. Goal will do the world for his confidence, although he never seems to let missed chances bother him.
15) Ross Robertson (on for Wardlaw, 75 mins) 3
Brought on to play the 'Wardlaw role' up-front and had an opportunity early on but maybe lacked the pace and finesse to capitalise. A good option to have.

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