@albinoanaconda makes debut

Blogging is for knobs, isn't it? Really. I mean, who give a f**k what I think about anything? Its all a bit self-indulgent and presumptuous. But, having set up www.twitter.com/albinoanaconda in March 2009 to bring updates from Ayr United games to my pals in the Aberdeen Branch AUSC its at 340 followers now, bringing the latest United-related news, rumors and banter to twitter. So maybe, just maybe, some of those folks would be interesting in reading some more (extended in character count if nothing else...) ramblings about the latest going ons at Somerset Park? Hopefully. I can't promise anything other than it will be more insightful than the usual North Terrance chat: "he'll no do"; "change it, Reid" and "mon tae f**k, Ayr. This is pish..."

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